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Sessions with Ms Affliction

As I am in the business of fulfilling fantasy, it is very helpful for you to fill out My questionnaire. This will be given to you via email after you contact Me using the email below.   

bottom half with toys
My Rules:

You will be clean, No bad breath, clean and clipped fingernails and toenails.
Consider yourself fortunate I allow you My time. 
Do call back at your assigned confirmation time. 
No topping from the bottom, this behaivor will end your session.  
Do be honest about your level of experience I do consider and respect limits, and
enjoy testing them as well. While during our time together,
NO may not be a part of your vocabulary, however, you will be
given a safe word out which will end the session.
Do be respectful, be prompt for your visits with me. 
Tardiness for your session does not mean I will automatically
extend your session. Your time starts the time we agreed, if you are late
you are still responsible for your session.
If you stand Me up, don't donate your patron rate and/or gift properly
you will be
blacklisted and not allowed back, ever.
Do clearly state your interests and limits.
I do not answer my contact phone on Sundays.
Refer to patron rates about tributes and donations. 
You should be well rested and properly fed when you arrive for our session,
this will ensure you will have the best time possible. 
Do ask about my interests and areas of experience and expertise.

I do require a pre session meeting where these types of questions can be asked freely.
Trust your instincts about your compatibility with me, listen attentively, do follow
My instructions and respect My Limits:

NO sexual contact or services; 
NO drugs and/or alcohol; 
NO Brown Showers.
NO switching.
Absolutely nothing illegal, Please do not put either of us in danger by asking Me to do something against the law.

legs in stockings

Patron rates and gifts.

The patron rate is $200 per hour donation unless otherwise negotiated.   Barter and Trade arrangements can also be made  My current needs include a laptop computer, (preferrable a new Mac Air, any equiptment must be new, or nearly with warranties still intact),  attachments for My Hitachi, and what I really want is furniture for My dungeon, such as a padded spanking bench, or a St. Andrew's Cross. Rubber and/or Latex costumes, lingerie, Sexy shoes, and of course, Toys!
Only top quality accepted as My services are top quality!

I love gifts. I love that you thought enough about me at some point before you saw me to pick something up you think I might like. It matters not the size or cost, it is the thought that counts. I can be very thankful and I love generosity!

legs crossed with cane

Still wondering how this all works, check out Q & A between Domina and sub

You should also know in advance, that I do not like short sessions. Not because of the money issue, but because bringing someone's fantasy to life can oftentimes be a slow and nurturing process. It involves warm-up, intensity buidling, and a cool-down period where aftercare may be administered. ESPECIALLY, if you've never been to a professional Domina before and are uncertain of your limits and boundaries. I know that this sounds familiar as it is what Mistress Littlestar believes but she's correct, it isn't about money...

Unless we've already agreed upon an extended session at the end of the initial 60 minutes I will stop and advise you that you are at your time limit. At this point you need to make a decision. I suggest that you come prepared for a minimum of one extra hour.

Additional Dommes and/or Submissives may be brought in for your added pleasure for an additional fee.