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Who is Ms Affliction?

Ms Affliction's eyes

I am a beautiful, intelligent, sexy mature woman who has been in the BDsM scene for over 15 years I have extensivoe experience as a Domina and can make you beg for release from My attentions.

I am 5'7", blond, blue eyed, with a chest measurement of 36DD. I take really good care of Myself, so I expect you to as well.

I can help you start your exploration of the world of power play, Dominance and submission. I can slowly, carefully introduce you to sensations that can take you to the height of erotic excitement or I can take you into the depths of humiliation where the shame burns you into submission.

Feeling defiant? A little bit of mouth isn't so bad, but don't confuse that with open permission to say anything or you will be punished. I may even gag you.

Perhaps you just can't stop thinking about it. What it would be like to be tied up,
bowing and kneeling before Me as I spank your naughty little bottom.
you will be required to kneel while I place My collar around your neck.

Ms Affliction body shot


Or you might be someone who knows exactly what he wants, and is willing to push the limit on your own boundaries. I can do that, too.
Real BDsM is started with a negotiation and communication regarding your limits. You will be given an opportunity during our pre session meeting to let Me know what you like, what you might want to try, or perhaps you have a hard limit no, and if that is the case, I will respect that limit.
You will share your fantasies, and from that we will build
a scene that will leave your limbs languid with sensual exhaustion.

Please take the time to read the entire website. And if you still aren't sure if this is for you,
do some more research, but don't waste My time. Feel free to access the websites I put on the Resource Page